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What people say

Excellent vet team
My dog was playing in the snow and his paws got scuffed up and started bleeding - I used Pongo and got connected to a very knowledgeable vet who spent time explaining what to do and how to prevent it. Also found it super convenient to get socks for my pups paws right after the call. Great job with the app - very happy with it so far, will recommend to friends.


Much needed and so well done!
As a pet parent, I have been looking for this kind of app for a long time. The kind of convenience that pet telehealth can provide is unsurpassed and I look forward to using it with all my pet concerns in the future. Also a beautiful interface... love the colors. Thank you Pongo from me and my pet!


Seamless! 10/10
Pongo is now my go to app for my pup!! I ordered his supplements and his medications from here and they were amazing! Easy to use and I look forward to using the other features on here like speaking to a vet for any questions! Awesome app to have on my phone for my fur baby


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