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Tetra Waterfall Filter
Tetra Waterfall Filter
Tetra Waterfall Filter
Tetra Waterfall Filter

Tetra Waterfall Filter


This easy-to-assemble filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration and can be easily hidden with rocks and pond decoration. Benefits of the Waterfall Filter include increased aeration for your pond and cleaner and healthier pond water. The Waterfall Filter creates beautiful waterfalls quickly and easily. The mesh bag allows for the addition of bio-media (6-8 liters of Bio-Activators) for effective filtration for ponds up to 1000 gallons. Easy to install and blend into landscape. Use with pumps 500 to 4500 GPH.

Why We Love It:

  • Quickly and easily creates beautiful waterfalls
  • Provides additional biological and mechanical filtration.
  • Use with pumps between 500 and 4,500 GPH.

About Tetra

Tetra aquarium products are dedicated to helping seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike to enjoy a successful, life-long aquatic experience. Our complete line of Tetra nutrition, water care, filtration and aquarium products help make fishkeeping accessible to all hobbyists so they can benefit from its rewards.